A Place for God?

Article by Stanley Hauerwas

Had I been able to read Larry Witham’s book before I delivered the Gifford Lectures at St. Andrews, I would have been able to make my argument more compelling by locating the story I told in relation to Witham’s account of addressing the challenges of science. Witham has managed the impossible: to tell a coherent …

Biology Meets Theology

Article by Philip Clayton

Genes, Genesis and God: Values and Their Origins in Natural and Human history. By Holmes Rolston. Cambridge University Press, Taking Darwin Seriously: A Naturalistic Approach to Philosophy. By Michael Ruse. Prometheus. Evolutionary and Molecular Biology: Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action Series (Vol. 3). Edited by Robert J Russell, William Stoeger and Francisco Ayala. When conservative …

Chapter 1: Arguments for Panpsychistic Identism by Bernhard Rensch and Response by Charles Hartshorne  in  Mind in Nature: the Interface of Science and Philosophy

Book Chapter by John B. and David R. Griffin Cobb, Jr.

All psychic phenomena (sensations, mental images, feelings, thoughts and processes of volition) are merged in our stream of consciousness. All psychic experience is therefore part of a process. Many considerations speak in favor of this “panpsychistic identism.”

Chapter 1: Dualism  in  Nature and Purpose

Book Chapter by John F. Haught

The dizzying advances in molecular biology blur the former distinctions between man, animal, plant and mineral; and the recent "reductions" of mind to brain are fruits of the methodological imperative to explain the animate and mental in terms of the inanimate and the unconscious.