Caste Off

Article by Palagummi Sainath

  A  Dalit  Goes  to  Court When Bhanwari Devi’s 13 year-old daughter was raped in the bajra fields by an upper caste youth, she picked up a lathi and went after the rapist herself. She had no faith in police and courts.  Either way, she was prevented from seeking any redress by the upper castes …

Chapter 1: Redefining the Enemy  in  War Against the Poor: Low-Intensity Conflict and Christian Faith

Book Chapter by Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer

The global economic order needs fundamental restructuring, and the United States through low-intensity conflict seeks to block or control any such changes. It regards changes in the present world order as communist-inspired threats against U.S. national security interests. The poor whose survival depends on such changes are considered enemies.

Famine and Global Policy: An Interview with Joseph Fletcher

Article by George R. Lucas, Jr.

Social ethicist Joseph Fletcher — author of Situation Ethics, Morals and Medicine and The Ethics of Genetic Control — is a visiting professor of medical ethics at the University of Virginia Medical School and at the Texas Medical Center’s Institute of Religion and Human Development. Q.: CALIFORNIA biologist Garrett Hardin has been the most recent …

Homes for the Unwanted

Article by Robert Joe Stout

Marie, a 14-year-old runaway, stumbled into a San Francisco-area all-night restaurant and begged the night manager, “Please let me call my church.” She thumbed through the Yellow Pages, found the number, deposited the two dimes the manager had given her, and dialed. The minister of a small Pentecostal church answered. She explained that she was …

No One is Disposable: The Fight Against Slavery in the New Global Economy

Article by Graham Kelder

According to the Exodus story, the Egyptians had begun to fear that the Israelite people living in Egypt had grown more numerous and powerful than the Egyptians themselves. To prevent these Israelites from joining Egypt’s enemies, fighting against the Egyptians, and escaping from the land, the Egyptians set taskmasters over them to oppress them with …

Sold into Slavery

Article by Jonathan Tran

Those who want to make lots of money and don’t care about breaking the law to do it have three main options: they can deal in drugs, deal in guns or deal in humans beings. Of these dubious but lucrative businesses, trafficking in humans is the fastest growing. Estimates put the number of slaves in …

The Ethics of Triage: A Perspective on the World Food Conference

Article by Laurence Simon

Scarcity, it would seem, is responsible for a crisis greater than any the world has recorded in its collective memory. Nearly 500 million persons, most of them children, are close to starvation. Tens of thousands will die this week. Before the crisis resolves itself, countless millions — perhaps as many as 1 billion persons — …