Religion Online Redesign

We're very excited to announce that we've recently updated our servers and redesigned our website. Religion Online has been a valuable resource for millions of people over the past two decades. When it was originally launched back in 1997, the site utilized then-current technologies that worked well and provided a consistent and reliable end-user experience. Our desire with this upgrade was to build on its strengths and expand our capabilities by utilizing a modern content management system, implementing current web standards, and improving the user interface.  Our goal was thus to continue to provide our visitors with all the same compelling content, but to put in place the necessary mechanisms for growth in a contemporary context--that is, to expand the functionality of the server, to increase the types of content we can provide, and to provide an experience that is consistent across all devices and platforms.

We know we still have a long way to go to realize these objectives, but we're committed to continually improving. We hope you'll agree that this is a significant step in the right direction.  Please don't hesitate to let us know how we're doing.