An Unapologetic Middle Ground

Article by Paul Nelson

Book Review: Unapologetic Theology: A Christian Voice in a Pluralistic Conversation, by William C. Placher. Westminster: John Knox, 178 pp., $13.95. William C. Placher, professor of philosophy and religion at Wabash College in Indiana, offers what he modestly describes as “an extended preface to contemporary discussions about theological method.” if you are wary of method …

Chapter 27: Fellowship  in  Our Faith

Book Chapter by Emil Brunner

Loneliness can occur in a crowd. Loneliness is solitude of the soul. It is within one’s self. Other people can relieve that kind of loneliness to an extent, but it is God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost, who give full relief and internal peace.

Chapter 3: The Mystery Of God  in  Our Faith

Book Chapter by Emil Brunner

God is not domesticated and spoken familiarly about as, for example, about one’s cat or dog. The fact is that we know nothing about God except what He has revealed. In heaven we will know God, but until then we must rely on His own Words.

Discerning the Spirit

Article by Amos Yong

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8, NRSV).   Pentecostals’ spirituality and practice revolve around their understanding of the infilling of the Holy Spirit, which empowers Christian …

Forward  in  Our Faith

Book Chapter by Emil Brunner

The Bible can nourish us only if it is understood and personally appropriated as God’s own Word. But this requires an interpreter to translate the great, difficult, strange words of the Bible into the familiar language of daily life. That is the purpose of this little book.

Jesus’ Resurrection and the Search for Peace and Justice

Article by Ronald J. Sider

A recent California poll designed to ascertain the general population’s views on the possibility of nuclear war revealed that 85 per cent thought they personally would experience a nuclear war. Most of them expected to die as a result. If that is what the average American foresees, then it is hardly surprising that a deadly, …

Our Faith

Book by Emil Brunner

(ENTIRE BOOK) A straightforward exposition of the basic concepts of traditional Christian faith, divided into thirty-five brief chapters.

Postconservative Evangelicals Greet the Postmodern Age

Article by Roger E. Olson

Are “evangelical” and “theologically conservative” synonymous? Are all evangelical theologians conservative? Most observers–both inside and outside the large and diverse subculture of North American evangelical Christianity–would probably answer yes. Evidence is growing, however, that some theologians who insist on wearing the label “evangelical” (or cannot escape it even when they try) are shedding theological conservatism. …

Should Wildlife Trapping Have a Place in a Christian Environmental Ethic?

Article by Stephen Vantassel

Historically, the Christianized West believed that humanity held a privileged position in the world.[1] The world was, either by design or by happenstance, for humans to use for their own needs and interests. However, during the 1960’s, concern over the degradation of the environment raised questions about the truthfulness behind the traditional view. Rachel Carson’s …

Then and Now: The Recovery of Patristic Wisdom

Article by Thomas C. Oden

Then and now have specific autobiographical meanings in what follows. “Then” means the period of my personal development before I became immersed in the meeting with and study of the ecumenical councils and leading ancient consensual exegetes. “Now” means what has happened since that meeting became a serious matter for me in the mid-“70s. “Consensual …