The Splendor of Creation, a Biblical Ecology (excerpts)

by Ellen Bernstein

Ellen Bernstein founded Shomrei Adamah, Keepers of the Earth, the first national Jewish environmental organization in 1988 and is author of Ecology& the Jewish Spirit, The Splendor of Creation: A Biblical Ecology and Let the Earth Teach You Torah.

Used by permission of the author. For more information about Ellen Bernstein’s work, visit The Splendor of Creation: A Biblical Ecology can be purchased at Amazon or through Pilgrim Press.


(BOOK EXCERPTS) The introduction and three excerpts from The Splendor of Creation, A Biblical Ecology by Ellen Bernstein. The book is comprised of 31 ecologically oriented essays inspired by the 31 verses of Genesis 1:1- Genesis 2:3, the first Creation story. The excerpts are on the Mystery of Creation, The Gift of Time, and Genesis 1:28: Dominion.