The Founder of Christianity
by C. H. Dodd


The nucleus of this book was a course of four Syr D. Owen Evans Lectures given in February 1954 at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. I am grateful to the College authorities both for the honor of their invitation and for their indulgence in allowing me to fulfill the requirement of publication by incorporating the substance of the lectures, with other material, in a forthcoming book. For various reasons publication has regrettably been delayed longer than was contemplated. In the interval the material of the lectures has been extensively reshaped and rewritten, though their broad pattern has been retained, and the proportion of added matter is considerable.

In quoting passages from the New Testament I have as a rule followed the translation in the New English Bible, © 1961, by kind permission of the publishers, the Oxford and Cambridge University presses, but occasionally I have preferred to give a rendering of my own.

C. H. Dodd

Oxford, April 1969