Word Of God – Word of Earth

by B. Davie Napier

B. Davie Napier, at the time of this writing was Holmes Professor of Old Testament Criticism and Intepretation at Yale Divinity School. He later became President of Pacific School of Religion. He is a minister of the United Church of Christ and an author of several books on the Old Testament.

Word of God — Word of Earth is copyrighted to United Church Press, 1976, and published by A Pilgrim Press, a division of United Church Press. This material was prepared for Religion Online by Paul Mobley.


(ENTIRE BOOK) A series of essays, with Elijah as the model, which examine the ministry and the minister.


  • Section 1: The Drought The author takes us through some experiences of his own into a world where we must listen and learn about the earth -- Word of the Earth. Then turning to Elijah he gives us reason to be concerned, and that conservation of the earth within reason is a must topic along with the Word of God.
  • Section 2: The Altars In all ages man has believed himself on a secure earth plateau, believing all is well. The fact is exploitation and pollution by the millions of tons each year during the now period. Yet humans are the privileged for they can think and act to preserve the earth, while using it with godly intuition. God gave the earth to man to manage wisely for his own use.
  • Section 3: The Cave Going back to the original Hebrew, with comparisons to later versions, the author reconstructs events at The Cave, yielding a better understanding of Elijah, and lessons for us today.
  • Section 4: The Inheritance People, in large part, determine their own inheritance. That is, what we accept and reject from God, therefore whether we receive a full inheritance from God of all that He offers. The things of the earth, though important, are allowed to dominate.
  • Section 4: The Question and the Question The author poses a series of questions that relate to all the foregoing book. These then become questions for us.