The Sermon on the Mount

by Roger Shinn

Roger L. Shinn is Reinhold Niebuhr Professor Emeritus of Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary in New York City.

This material prepared for Religion_Online by Paul Mobley.


(ENTIRE BOOK) The author shows why the Sermon on the Mount has proved to be one of the most influential parts of the entire New Testament. Excellent book for those without a strong biblical and theological background.


  • Chapter 1: The Sermon On The Mount Today

    It is the parts of the Bible that we do understand which troubles us the most. And that fits the Sermon on the Mount.

  • Chapter 2: The Spiritual Revolution

    New to his listeners, Jesus starts with His revolutionary words, the start of the Sermon on the Mount. Often heard they yet need refreshing for us today.

  • Chapter 3: Turning Our Values Upside Down

    We love our own glory, but Jesus turns these values upside down, presenting reality, which is good for us.

  • Chapter 4: The Cost of Discipleship

    Christians often want to follow rather than lead, to have cushioned pews, to be comfortable forgetting what comforted means. But there is a cost for anything good, even today.

  • Chapter 5: Light And Secrecy

    “Light” is Christians letting the light Christ shine through their everyday behavior and words, while secrecy refers to doing good works quietly, without show.

  • Chapter 6: The Old and the New

    The human craves something new nearly all the time, it seems. When all such things become disinteresting the person finds that the New Testament is still fresh, and alive. For believers, it is always new and fresh.

  • Chapter 7: Love For Enemies

    Perhaps the hardest teachings of Jesus are forgiveness, return good for evil, and love for our enemies. But in these Jesus shows us the kind of love He and God practice.

  • Chapter 8: The Lord’s Prayer

    Jesus taught about prayer, listing the wrong reasons to pray, and giving a model prayer, commonly know as the Lord’s Prayer.

  • Chapter 9: The Demand For Decision

    Decisions are made daily, even hourly. They are a part of life. But some decisions can be put off, some forever, but there are decisions that must be made whether we like the position or not. Jesus way of life, and His teachings demand decisions.

  • Chapter 10: Trust and Anxiety

    From the landing on the moon, to a new kitchen appliance, we are beset by knowledge and apparatus to the point that we are often asking, Who and What can we trust. The flip side of that is anxiety. Here are some answers.

  • Chapter 11: The Perils Of Judging

    We go through life making judgments of others, while avoiding judgment of self, knowing that others are making judgments of us. Making a good impression can become a vicious cycle of judging, and being judged. But Jesus said, Judge Not. The author deals with this idea.

  • Chapter 12: The Golden Rule

    Neatly packaged life is the desire of many. The advice “Follow the Golden Rule” is a neat package often heard. But separated as it often, it does not have the significance that it does when it is integrated and interacting with the whole of one’s life.

  • Chapter 13: True And False Faith

    Society tells us to be tolerant of all people. God does love all people, sending the sun and rain on all. But God is intolerant of anything that smells like sin. Jesus emphasizes it by saying “narrow is the gate and strait is the way.” So where then should our faith be?

  • Chapter 14: Worship and Work

    Worship of God through Christ will draw us closer to God, right? Wrong in many cases. Worshippers are cheated by identifying their desires with petty human thoughts and desires.

  • Chapter 15: The Voice With Authority

    Jesus taught as one with authority. He did and does. And who better to teach us than He who the Christian religion follows?