The Gospel Of Matthew

by William R. Cannon

Before his election to the episcopacy in 1968 United Methodist Bishop William R. Cannon served as Professor of Church History and then Dean of Chandler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta. Other books by Bishop Cannon include The Gospel Of John, Jesus The Servant, and The Book Of Acts.

The Gospel Of Matthew was published by The Upper Room, Nashville, 1982.This material prepared by Paul R. Mobley.


(ENTIRE BOOK) Matthew is studied in sections, revealing stages in the life and work of Jesus. These stages also show the interactions of Jesus with people, and characteristics about him self. The study will certify that Jesus is the Son of God.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Promised King

    The ancestry, birth and childhood, baptism, temptations, and vocation of Jesus are examined while bringing him to the point of his work on earth.

  • Chapter 2: The Teacher And His Pupils

    Jesus taught and healed many people. During all these events, and in private, Jesus was also teaching those twelve disciples that later are known as Apostles. The interaction of Jesus with everyone he came into contact with is a model we can all use.

  • Chapter 3: Jesus And The People

    Cannon examines the travels of Jesus and some interactions showing how He went to the people in fulfilling His mission, and how many responded favorably. There are good lessons for us today in this study of the gospel as Matthew recorded it, and Jesus as the Son of Man.

  • Chapter 4: Herald Of The Kingdom

    In this section are outlined the basic principles governing life in the kingdom set up by Jesus. Whether in His kingdom or not these are principles that all would benefit from by learning.

  • Chapter 5: King Of The Jews

    Jesus was born king of the Jews first, fulfilling the prophecies. Later He also brought all to the other nations. But there were some who had difficulty understanding that His kingdom was, and is, a spiritual kingdom rather than a civil kingdom. Yet His entrance into Jerusalem was welcomed.

  • Chapter 6: The King Of Glory

    The passion and crucifixion are the deposition of Jesus as the King of the Jews, yet at the same time, they are His exaltation as the king of glory. He now rules His kingdom enthroned on the right hand of God.