Crisis and Growth: Helping Your Troubled Child

by Howard J. Clinebell, Jr.

Howard J. Clinebell, Jr. Is Professor of Pastoral Counseling at the School of Theology at Claremont, California (1977). He is a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Counselors, and the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. He is a licensed marriage, child and family counselor in the State of California. His personal website is, and his email address is

Crisis and Growth was published in 1971 by Fortress Press, Philadelphia, and is part of a series of Pocket Counsel Books. This book was prepared for Religion Online by Dick and Sue Kendall.


(ENTIRE BOOK) The Clinebells bring reassurance and professional guidance to parents trying to help their children grow–especially as they deal with personal and family crisis.


  • Preface

    The authors share their experience as parents and family counselors, as the base for this book designed to give help and encouragement to the parents of troubled children.

  • Chapter 1: All Children Need Help

    The problems of being a parent.

  • Chapter 2: Recognizing Serious Problems

    This chapter asks what behavior is appropriate for a given age, and then deals with the handling of problems that are typical of a certain age, and those that are not.

  • Chapter 3: Understanding the Stages of Normal Development

    Using the first five of Erikson’s Eight Stages of Man, the authors examine the problems and possibilities present for parents and children at each stage, as the child moves from birth through adolescence.

  • Chapter 4: Finding Help

    This chapter suggests ways of handling family crises constructively, and gives guidance in determining when professional help is needed, and how to seek or use the proper person or agency.

  • Chapter 5: Coping With Family Crises

    This chapter gives special attention to handling family crises constructively, including: Handicapping conditions, prolonged illnesses, drug problems, single parent families, and transmitting religious values to children.