What can We Learn from Islam: The Struggle for True Religion
by Marcus Braybrooke


I am grateful to John Hunt for the invitation to write this book and for his help and encouragement. This has given me the chance to reflect on my nearly forty years of reading about Islam and on meetings and conversations with Muslims in many parts of the world, to whom I express my thanks and appreciation. I am especially grateful to members of the Oxford Abrahamic Group, The Three Faiths Forum and the Manor House Jewish, Christian and Muslim Dialogue Group as well as to members of other interfaith organisations to which I belong.

I am grateful to Roger Boase for reading and commenting on the script (and to Dr Ali for writing a Foreword). Mistakes and opinions expressed are of course my responsibility. As always I am very grateful to Mary for her support.

Recent events have made me aware how little even yet members of different religions understand each other and how much ignorance and prejudice there is to dispel. More than ever Christians and Muslims need both to affirm the beliefs and values that they share and to act together for a more just and peaceful world. May we as servants of the one God compete in good works.

22 March 2002 Marcus Braybrooke