Forward by Shaikh Dr. M. A. Zaki Badawi

What can We Learn from Islam: The Struggle for True Religion
by Marcus Braybrooke

Forward by Shaikh Dr. M. A. Zaki Badawi

The Rev. Marcus Braybrooke is a man of such deep religious faith that he makes us see the divine in every faith and creed. He has devoted a great deal of his energy in the service of the inter-faith movement.

Every inter-faith organization in Britain has his name in a place of honour as a member, founder or chairman. His work in building bridges between the communities of different cultural traditions has been exemplary. But it is in his writing that he manifests his warmth and true understanding of the "Other". In the present political climate in Europe and the USA, the writings of the Rev. Marcus Braybrooke are acts of courage inspired by his unbounded humanity and fellow feelings for all humankind. This volume is a scholar’s presentation of Islam to the West by a westerner. He outlines those areas of agreements as well as those in which our faiths differ. He took great care in consulting references in order to dispel some of the misinterpretations of Islam. His sympathetic approach should alert the western reader to look afresh into a greatly maligned faith. He writes about Islam with the humility of the seeker of the truth.

Does not the title of the book and its beautifully written contents clearly underline this outstanding quality of the book and its author?

I hope that his example will inspire a Muslim to write on what we Muslims can learn from Christians.

27th June 2002.