A Pattern for Prayer

Article by John D. Witvliet

The study of ancient liturgical materials is a potent antidote to the cultural captivity of Christianity in this or any other culture, for liturgies embody ancient wisdom. One of the most robust veins of wisdom lies in the structures and patterns of ancient prayers. At first blush, structures and patterns seem to have more to …

Chapter 1: Prayer and Christian Belief  in  Prayer and the Common Life

Book Chapter by Georgia Harkness

There is no possibility of prayer unless it can be seen to make sense. Our first task, therefore, is to ask how it fits in with the rest of Christian belief. Dr. Harkness discusses prayer in several theological forms: 1. God is personal; 2. God is the all-wise and ever-present Creator and Ruler of the world; 3. God loves and cares for his human children; 4. God has good purpose and destiny for our lives; 5. God judges and seeks to save us.

Chapter 7: Making Prayer Meaningful Today  in  Praying Today: Practical Thoughts on Prayer

Book Chapter by Norman Pittenger

When prayer is faithfully and regularly engaged in it will be the release of the praying person from bondage to cheapness and superficiality, from slavery to immediate instinct and unworthy desire. The consequence of this will be the growing awareness of a cosmic Love, a cosmic Lover, that holds us tight, that never lets us go, that stays with us in all our problems and troubles and sufferings as well as in our joys and delights.

Introduction  in  Prayer and the Common Life

Book Chapter by Georgia Harkness

A new order of peace and justice, abatement of economic and racial tension, the banishment of ignorance, poverty, and disease will not come about solely through prayer. Nevertheless, without the spiritual and moral resources which prayer exists to heighten, the action required for dealing with such issues is likely to go on being as limited and as misdirected by self-interest as we now see it.

Learning to Pray

Article by Anita Mathias

Prayer is archaic, anachronistic, against the grain of modern life, solitary and often heartbreaking, embarked on without the certainty of fruit. Prayer does not promise fame, money, and the love of beautiful people. It’s working with blind faith, stubborn hope, dumb love. But the more you pray the better you’ll be. Text: Prayer, we read, …

Learning to Pray

Article by Madelyn Chandler McIntyre

Prayer the Churches banquet, Angels age, Gods breath in man returning to his birth, The soul in paraphrase, heart in pilgrimage, The Christian plummet sounding heav’n and earth;   Engine against th’ Almightie, sinner’s towre, Reversed thunder, Christ-side-piercing spear, The six daies world-transposing in an houre, A kinde of tune, which all things heare and …

Let Us Pray

Article by Ricky Hoyt

My first semester at seminary I was required, along with all of the first year students, to participate in a “spiritual growth group.” The group met once a week for an hour. We got no school credit, no grade, and we didn’t pay tuition for the class, but we had to take it. The intention …

Prayer and the Common Life

Book by Georgia Harkness

(ENTIRE BOOK) Dr. Harkness discusses first the relation of prayer to the basic structures of Christian faith. The second section book deals with ways of praying and the third with the psychological and social aspects of prayer.

Praying Today: Practical Thoughts on Prayer

Book by Norman Pittenger

(ENTIRE BOOK) For moderns who find difficulty with prayer, prayer is defined as the intentional and attentive presence of God, the purpose being the of alignment of self, in desires and actions, with divine love who is our heavenly Father. It is to open ourselves to God, to link our little selves with God’s divine will.

Table Blessings

Article by Kelton Cobb

Everything God has created is good, and no food is to be rejected, provided grace is said for it: the word of God and the prayer make it holy [I Tim. 4:4-5]. In the past three years I have made a number of road trips between Denver and New Jersey, traversing terrain that has a …

The Call For God

Article by Theodore W. Jennings

Despite an overabundance of words about prayer, it is not easy to give voice to our prayers. A steady stream of talk about prayer threatens to silence us. All the talk about the necessity of prayer, the power of prayer, the "value" of prayer, the importance of a "spiritual life," can have the effect of …

The Office Of Prayer

Article by Arthur Paul Boers

Book Reviews: For Those We Love But See No Longer: Daily Offices for Times of Grief By Lisa Beicher Hamilton. Paraclete, 188 pp. paperback. Venite: A Book of Daily Prayer By Robert Benson. Tarcher/Putnam, 271 pp., Celtic Benediction: Morning and Night Prayer By J. Philip Newell. Eerdmans, pp. The Prymer: The Prayer Book of the …