Chapter 8: Creative Church Administration and Mental Health

The Mental Health Ministry of the Local Church
by Howard J. Clinebell, Jr.

Chapter 8: Creative Church Administration and Mental Health

It all started some years ago when Mr. Wahlstrom bought an old bombsight and took it apart just for the fun of it. When he began to put it together he found in his workshop some parts of an old alarm clock. He became fascinated to see how he could add these to the bombsight. Thus it began, and in the years since he has been adding wheels, belts, bells, and cogs until today there are some ten thousand parts in Wahlstrom's wonder. When he throws the switch three thousand of them move while the whole apparatus revolves on a turntable. Bells ring, lights flash, and hundreds of wheels go round. It is an awesome sight! The only thing about it is Mr. Wahlstrom's wonder doesn't do anything. It just runs! Wheels within wheels, cogs within cogs.( "The Minister: Pastor or Promoter," Pastoral Psychology [September, 1957], p. 13.)

-- -- Gene E. Bartlett

And when the living creatures went, the wheels went beside them . . . for the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels

-- Ezek.1:19-20