Reflections on a Long Career

by Charles Hartshorne

Following a brief introduction by John Cobb, in this retrospective reflection, Charles Hartshorne responds to a single question, "On whose shoulders have I been standing?" That is, he considers the ways in which various individuals have had an impact on his life and career. From his father, Francis Hartshorne, to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Rufus Jones, H. G. Wells, and William James, Harshorne reflects on the various ways in which poets, teachers, writers, theologians, and philosophers influenced the development and destination of his own thinking.

Charles Hartshorne taught at the University of Texas where he was Ashbel Smith Professor of Philosophy. He had a distinguished career at several other universities, particularly the University of Chicago and Emory University. His most recent book, Creative Synthesis and Philosophic Method, was published by Open Court.