Religion Online recommends the following sites for additional resources:

Virtual Religion Index:
A helpful tool for students with little time. Analyzes & highlights important content of religion-related websites. Hyperlinks are provided not only to homepages but to major directories & documents within them.

Text This Week:
Excellent Scripture study and worship links and resources according to the Revised Common Lectionary and by Scriptural Text.

The New Testament Gateway:
A comprehensive, annotated guide to academic material on the New Testament available on the Internet.
A directory of online Bibles and biblical reference material.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library:
Hundreds of classic Christian books in electronic format, including early church fathers, non-English works, commentaries, classic sermons, meditations, pictures, word studies, musical settings, historical and archeologic notes..

Process Studies Periodical:
Dozens of articles dealing with process theology.

The Center for Progressive Christianity:
Excellent articles from the standpoint of progressive Christianity, and information about the organization.

Sojourners Magazine:
Full text of back issues from 1994.

The American Religion Data Archive (ARDA):
Leading studies on American religion. Includes detailed reports on church membership, graphics, and tables for over 300 surveys, learning modules, and denominational data.

Jewish-Christian Relations:
Articles, statements, reports, organizations, links, all indexed.

Buddhist Depot/ Daoist Depot: and
Sayings of Buddha and Daoist Scriptures including Tao Te Ching, some in Chinese but most in English.

Sermon Writer: :
A helpful exegesis of the New Testament, in English, Spanish and Chinese. Follows the lectionary schedule.

Buddhism and Hinduism Information and Articles: :
An extensive collection of articles on Buddhism, Hinduism, Meditation and Yoga.