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My Travel Diary. 1936: Between Two Worlds by Paul Tillich

Paul Tillich is generally considered one of the century's outstanding and influential thinkers. After teaching theology and philosophy at various German universities, he came to the United States in 1933. For many years he was Professor of Philosophical Theology at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, then University Professor at Harvard University. His books include Systematic Theology; The Courage to Be; Dynamics of Faith; Love, Power and Justice; Morality and Beyond; and Theology of Culture. This book was edited by Jerald C. Brauer. Translation by Maria Pelikan. Published by Harper & Row, New York, Evanston, and London, 1970. This material was prepared for Religion Online by Ted and Winnie Brock.

Editor's Acknowledgment

When Hannah Tillich first proposed the publication of her late husband’s 1936 diary, several of us responded with enthusiasm, others had doubts. We believe that the public’s reception of the diary will validate her decision. The editor is grateful for that decision and states his special appreciation to her for help at many points in the preparation of the manuscript. Years of friendship lay behind our discussions and our mutually supportive decision to move ahead with publication.

The editor wishes to thank Maria Pelikan for her translation of a difficult manuscript. In her case this was not simply the work of a professional but of a friend of the Tillichs. Hannah Tillich turned to another friend and a famous artist, Alfonso Ossorio, to provide interpretive drawings which enhance an understanding of the diary. This is most appropriate for Tillich’s diary which is laced with references to art and artists. We are in Ossorios debt for his creative interpretation of the diary’s spirit.

Many people were consulted in an effort to establish certain facts and to identify names that appear in the diary. Particular thanks are due to Tillich’s family in Berlin, where in the comfort of their homes I gained much information and insight. His sister and brother-in-law, Elisabeth and Pastor Erhardt Seeberger, and their family, Dr. Hans Jürgen Seeberger, Heide Schütz, and Waldtraub Le Fevre, provided invaluable help. Hannah Tillich’s sister, M. L. Werner of Berlin, spent hours with me in discussion. I am deeply grateful to all of these friends for their assistance and advice.

In addition, a number of Tillich’s close friends worked personally with me in an effort to verify names and events. Professors Adolf Loewe, Walter Braune, and Wilhelm Pauck were most helpful. In London, Mrs. Lilly Pincus was more than generous with her time and hospitality and also obtained help from Mrs. Claire Loewenfeld. To all these people I wish to express my thanks. Finally, I wish to state my gratitude to my secretary Miss Alma Obrikat and to Miss Marilyn Karieba who typed the manuscript through several editions. Kent Druyvesteyn provided considerable help in reading proofs.

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