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Common Sense Christianity by C. Randolph Ross

C. Randolph Ross has a degree in analytic philosophy from the University of Virginia and has spent time in theological studies at Yale Divinity School. After seminary he has served full time in a United Methodist parish in upstate New York for five years, then spent part time work in churches while holding down secular administrative work spending ten years wrestling on the issues which have produced this book. Published by Occam Publishers, Cortland, New York, 1989, copyright by C. Randolph Ross. Used by permission. This material was prepared for Religion Online by Ted and Winnie Brock.


The two appendices are somewhat more technical in nature. Appendix A is on the canon, the Christ, and the historical Jesus, in which we consider how the authority of the Bible is related to the authority of Jesus. I argue that Jesus the Christ must serve as our "canonical principle’ by which we decide which parts of the Bible are authoritative for us today.

In Appendix B, I examine some of the current scholarly opinions about the nature of the resurrection, weighing carefully the arguments of those who I call the "minimalists’ who maintain that nothing extraordinary happened. How persuasive is their reasoning?

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