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The Pleasures of Her Text by Alice Bach

Alice Bach, the editor of Union Seminary Quarterly Review, is the author of more than twenty books for children and young adults. Two of her novels have been named NYTimes Best Book of the Year. Since returning to school in 1985, she has written a series of mystery novels about a pair of high-school girls solving crimes with computers, as well as a novel, He Will Not Walk With Me (Delacorte, 1987). Mosesí Ark: Stories from the Bible (Delacorte Press, 1989), written with J. Cheryl Exum, was a Best Book of 1989 of the American Library Association. She and Professor Exum have written a second volume Miriamís Well: Stories about Women in the Bible to be published by Delacorte in 1991. A doctoral student in biblical studies at Union, her research involves literary strategies for reading biblical and pseudepigraphic texts. The Pleasures of Her Text, Feminist Readings of Biblical and Historical Texts was published in 1990 by Trinity Press International. This book was prepared for Religion-Online by Harry W. and Grace C. Adams.

A Word of Thanks

The contributions in this volume originally appeared in Union Seminary Quarterly Review (USQR). This publication is among a handful of scholarly journals edited entirely by doctoral students. Although USQR has a Faculty Advisory Board of distinguished scholars representing many aspects of biblical and theological endeavor, the editorial policies, subject matter of each issue, and editing and management of the journal rest with its student editors. It has been my great pleasure to serve as editor for the past two years. I am grateful to Union Seminary for the freedom to offer scholars the latitude to experiment with method and voice in the articles they submit to USQR. Rarely does an editor have such an opportunity to offer varied thematic issues and multiple points of view in one journal. The diversity of opinions in USQR reflects the diversity of Union itself.

During my editorship, I have been fortunate in having Gary Gilbert as the managing editor. He has waved his organizational wand at many crucial points, proving himself a wizard amid details and deadlines. The other student editors must be acknowledged for their time and skills. They know the importance of their contributions in evaluating articles. Harold Rast, editor of Trinity Press International, is truly an editorís editor. His wit and guidance were an invaluable help in selecting the articles that comprise The Pleasure of Her Text.


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