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The Intimate Marriage by Howard J. and Charlotte H. Clinebell

Howard J. Clinebell Jr. Is Professor of Pastoral Counseling (1965), School of Theology, Claremont, California. Charlotte Ellen, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist in private practice. She has lectured and been a frequent consultant and leader at Marriage and Family Conferences, Institutes, Woman’s Studies, and Human Liberation Programs. She also writes for use of her material by ministers and pastoral counselors. Book used by permission of the authors. It was prepared for Religion Online by Paul Mobley.

A Final Word

Thus concludes the account of one couple's thoughts and experiences with the many-faceted diamond of intimacy -- an account unfinished as our journey to intimacy is unfinished. Wherever you are as a couple on the marital journey -- at the beginning, along the way, or near the end; on the main road, at a dead-end, or on a detour -- we hope we have tempted you to new efforts in the struggle and discovery, the pain and joy which together create a marriage. From our own struggles, we counsel courage and patience when floundering against the barriers which are never fully eliminated. We wish you the joy of ever more frequent moments when soul touches soul. Reaching toward each other, reaching up and reaching out together -- always reaching, often touching, sometimes joining as "the new person -- us," this is the intimacy of marriage.

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