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The Other Davos: Globalization of Resistances and Struggles by Francois Houtart and Francois Polet

Published by Christava Sahitya Samithi (CSS), Thiruvalla, Kerela, India, November 2000. This material was prepared for Religion Online by Ted & Winnie Brock.




This book is a Joint Intiative of the following organizations:


ATTAC      (Association for taxation of financial transactions
                   for the benefit of citizens, originated in France)
CCAMI      (Co-ordination against the clones of the
                   Multilateral Agreement on Investment,
                   originated in France)
WFA          (World Forum for Alternatives, originated in
SAFRIN     (Structural Adjustment Participatory Review,
                   originated in USA)
FUNDE      (National Foundation for development, from El

With the participation of:

MST           (Movement of the Landless, from Brazil)
FENOP      (National Federation of the peasant-farmers
                   organisations, from Burkina Faso)
PICIS         (Policy and Information Center for
                   International Solidarity, South Korean Trade

Women Movement (Canada)

Movement for the Unemployed (France)

And with the collaboration of:

Le Monde Diplomatiquc (monthly)


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