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The Book Of Acts by William R. Cannon

Before his election to the episcopacy in 1968 United Methodist Bishop William R. Cannon served as Professor of Church History and then Dean of Chandler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta. Other books by Bishop Cannon include The Gospel Of John, Jesus The Servant, and The Book Of Acts. The Book Of Acts, Copyright 1989 by W.R. Cannon, published by Upper Room Books. This material prepared for Religion Online by Paul Mobley.


Chapter 1: The Risen Christ and His Disciples
Who the book is addressed to, the ascension of Christ, and when and how the eleven disciples became apostles are addressed. The stage is set for the first Christian church and the converts to it.

Chapter 2: The Birth of the Church
The birth of the church was not by a group of men setting down and planning its organization, and then going about obtaining members. Rather it started with the doctrine, and guided by the Holy Spirit, the Apostles set about converting men to followers, and then it began to take shape. As the number grew organization took place.

Chapter 3: The Church in Jerusalem
The beginning activities of the church in Jerusalem are examined, revealing the reaction favorably and unfavorably to Christianity and the apostles.

Chapter 4: Evangelism in Samaria and Syria
Evangelism begins moving out of Jerusalem into other areas of the region by the apostles, and by persecuted Christians fleeing for their lives. The church spreads, and grows.

Chapter 5: The Antiochene Mission
The first missionary journey of Paul and problems associated with accepting gentiles are examined, along with their solutions.

Chapter 6: The Mission to Greece
The second missionary journey of Paul, and what he learned and gained at several locations where he stopped along the way before returning to Antioch.

Chapter 7: The Third Missionary Journey
The third missionary journey of Paul was his most extensive going through Asia Minor and Greece. It was his last voluntary journey.

Chapter 8: Toward the Eternal City
The study of Acts closes with the last trip of Paul, this one to Rome. But it was not voluntary. The Roman government was transporting Paul to Rome for trial. It was Paul’s last trip.

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