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Fundamentalism: the Challenge to the Secular World by Lloyd Geering

Lloyd Geering is a Presbyterian minister and former Professor of Old Testament Studies at theological colleges in Brisbane and Dunedia, and Professor of Religious Studies at Victorian University in Wellington, New Zealand. He is author of Tomorrow's God (1994), The World to Come (1999) and Christianity Without God (2002). Published by St. Andrew's Trust for the Study of Religion and Society, P.O. Box 5203, Wellington, New Zealand ( Copyright 2003 by Lloyd Geering, used by permission of the author..

Chapter 1: Roots and Nature
The chief features of fundamentalism. Fundamentalism asserts that humans must submit to the authority of the Divine Being, whose divinely revealed truths and absolute commands they believe to have been permanently revealed.

Chapter 2: A Distortion of Religion
Fundamentalism is religiously dangerous. Christian fundamentalism, by capturing the mainline churches as it has been doing, is preventing Christianity from playing a positive and creative role in shaping the modern global society.

Chapter 3: Endangering our Future
All fundamentalisms -- including Jewish, Christian and Muslim -- endanger world peace and security.

Chapter 4: How do we Respond?
Fundamentalism has some valid points to make in its reaction to the secular world. The author discusses these points, and then suggests some ways to counter specific forms of fundamentalism that pose dangers for all. A number of helpful references are listed.

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