Chapter 2: Protestant Feminists and the Bible: On the Horns of a Dilemma by Mary Ann Tolbert  in  The Pleasures of Her Text

Book Chapter by Alice Bach

The author first reviews the struggle of Protestant feminists with their own special problems, particularly with the androcentric conviction of “sola scriptura”, the fragmented diversity of various denominations that marginalize women even farther from each other, and the emphasis on the individual rather than the community. She then outlines some major feminist responses in the service of liberation.

Christianity and New Feminist Religions

Article by Patricia Wilson-Kastner

One week during our usual Thursday chapel hour at United Theological Seminary, the women’s caucus organized and led a well-constructed and skillfully enacted worship service for the seminary community. Most of the imagery, the visual symbols and the language expressed the spooking, sparking and spinning which Mary Daly in her recent book Gyn/Ecology proposes to …

Cross Talk: A Feminist Appreciation of Luther’s Theology

Article by Mary M. Solberg

Reflections on another view of Luther Tracing one’s intellectual or theological ancestry is a worthwhile and honorable pastime. But there are hazards. Chief among them is that, as much as we may come to understand the world within which our historical forbears functioned, we must make all our judgments about them and about the past …

Digging in the Gardens of Feminist Theology

Article by Gretchen E. Ziegenhals

Feminist scholars are divided over strategies for defining women and women’s experience. Radicals like Monique Wittig, who see the present systems as categorically exclusive, advocate inventing new ways of speaking and even new categories of experience. Liberals, on the other hand, aim to increase women’s power and expression by working within traditional contexts, rereading, redefining …