A Passion for Reconciliation: An interview with Chris Rice

Article by Jason Byassee

Racial reconciliation has been the central theme of Chris Rice’s life and ministry. It is also the subject of his two books. More Than Equals (InterVarsity, 1993) was coauthored by his friend Spencer Perkins, a fellow member of Voice of Calvary Church in Jackson, Mississippi, and the son of the civil rights leader John Perkins, …

A Preacher Looks Back

Article by Marilynne Robinson

(Excerpted from Gilead, a novel by Marilynne Robinson, published this month. © Copyright 2004 Marilynne Robinson. Used with permission of the author and the publisher, Farrar, Straus & Giroux.) As he nears the end of his life, the Reverend John Ames is writing an account of his life and family for his seven-year-old son. Ames, …

All in the Family

Article by Pamela Smith McCall

"What kind of relationship do you want to have with your teen in five years?" Tim Tahtinen, youth leader at the United Methodist Church of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, likes to pose that question to parents and then add, "What’s your plan? I have a plan that works." Instead of segregating youth from their parents in …

Appendix One:Footnote on Tongues  in  Maturing in the Christian Life: A Pastor’s Guide

Book Chapter by Neill Q. Hamilton

This note on tongues implies two useful rules for pastoral leaders. One, parishioners who insist that speaking in tongues is necessary to spiritual maturing should be encouraged to join a Pentecostal church. They disqualify themselves for membership in the mainline denominations. A second rule emerges from Paul’s guidelines for the Corinthian congregation. No meetings should be permitted in which people speak in tongues en masse.

Blaming Women for the Sexually Abusive Male Pastor

Article by Ann-Janine Morey

With the exception of a few recent articles, most of them cited here, studies on clergy sexuality published in sociological, psychological or religious periodicals — as well as fictional treatments — have focused on male clergy adultery without mentioning the consequences suffered by women involved. Not only does the literature say almost nothing about the …