Awakened by Easter

Article by Gayraud Wilmore

I am writing this guest editorial on a red formica-topped table in the small kitchen of my mother’s quiet, early morning house. It is several weeks before Easter, but resurrection is on my mind. Upstairs the floor creaks as the elder of my two younger brothers gets out of bed. Otherwise, this old brick house …

Chapter 2: Preaching as the Interface of Two Social Worlds: The Congregation as Corporate Agent in the Act of Preaching, Don M. Wardlaw  in  Preaching As A Social Act: Theology and Practice

Book Chapter by Arthur Van Seters (ed.)

Wardlaw sets up a non-existent congregation based on a number of congregations he has served in the past. This congregation becomes aware that the preaching has a dimension not found in other congregations, coming to see themselves as corporate partners with the preacher, and his preaching.