Reinhold Niebuhr

Book by Howard G. Patton

(ENTIRE BOOK) Dr. Patterson presents an overview and summary of Niebuhr’s thought and its relevance to the theological and secular issues of his day, and offers a running dialectical critique that also reveals areas Niebuhr neglected or even misunderstood.

Reinhold Niebuhr: His Theology in the 1980s

Article by Robert McAfee Brown

The editor offered a subtitle: “Why Am Still a Niebuhrian.” After due reflection, I declined the offer. In my seminary days, the self-styled “Niebuhrians” were not above carving Niebuhr’s offhand comments in stone in order to crush their opponents in dormitory debates, often betraying rather than emulating their mentor, and their contemporary counterparts frequently seem …

Reinhold’s Era

Article by Gary Dorrien

Book Review: The Serenity Prayer: Faith and Politics In Times of Peace and War. By Elsabeth Sifton. Norton. 349 pp.   From the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s Reinhold Niebuhr spent his summers in the northwestern Massachusetts village of Heath, where he often spoke at the Heath Union Church. In the summer of 1943 he wrote …