Chapter 1: Introduction  in  Process-Thought and Christian Faith

Book Chapter by Norman Pittenger

The choice frequently offered is between being “a Christian” of a very narrowly “orthodox” type or being “a modern man.” But the Christian thinker can be both — by finding a “secular” confirmation for his belief in the God whose suffering love shares in the world’s pain while at the same time God’s triumphant joy is in part derived from the happiness which the world can know.

Chapter 1: Introduction  in  Whiteheadian Thought as a Basis for a Philosophy of Religion

Book Chapter by Forrest Wood, Jr.

Whiteheadian thought offers a different way of looking at reality that requires rethinking the way we view God. It begins with a philosophy that endeavors to frame a coherent, logical, necessary system of general ideas that combines a creative and unique expression of the nature and unity of God. It can lead us to an understanding of our personal faith as well as the religious experience of mankind.

Chapter 1: The Possibility of Belief  in  God Within Process

Book Chapter by Eulalio R. Baltazar

Modern man can no longer go along with the idea that to have faith, one has to abandon the historical, secular and earthly — that, in effect, he has to surrender his very humanity. To bring back a sense of belief to the modern world, there is need of a reformulation and broadening of our theological understanding of belief based on an evolutionary view of reality.