Caste Off

Article by Palagummi Sainath

  A  Dalit  Goes  to  Court When Bhanwari Devi’s 13 year-old daughter was raped in the bajra fields by an upper caste youth, she picked up a lathi and went after the rapist herself. She had no faith in police and courts.  Either way, she was prevented from seeking any redress by the upper castes …

Chapter 1: Redefining the Enemy  in  War Against the Poor: Low-Intensity Conflict and Christian Faith

Book Chapter by Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer

The global economic order needs fundamental restructuring, and the United States through low-intensity conflict seeks to block or control any such changes. It regards changes in the present world order as communist-inspired threats against U.S. national security interests. The poor whose survival depends on such changes are considered enemies.