Sociological Criticism of the Old Testament

Article by Norman K. Gottwald

Sociological criticism addresses long-noticed social features of the biblical text. The single most pervasive subject of the Old Testament traditions is the community of Israel itself. It is equally apparent that Israel lived in differing forms of social organization over its long history: as extended families or clans under patriarchs, as tribes during the period …

The Bible and Communication

Article by Peter Horsfield

The communication situation today The development of electronic technologies for storing and transferring information in the past two generations has been exponential. Things are now being done in electronic communication which once would have been thought impossible. These developments have changed not only the speed and way in which we now communicate: they have also …

The Book of Exodus

Book by B. Davie Napier

(ENTIRE BOOK) A scholarly but non-technical analysis of the Book of Exodus, offering an appreciation of the beginnings of Judaism as well as some commonalities shared by Judaism and Christianity.

The Bookshelf  in  Song of the Vineyard

Book Chapter by B. Davie Napier

Additional reading is recommended from the following list of books, all in English. A number of significant German works are cited in the footnotes. A fuller, annotated English bibliography may be found in Gottwald, A Light to the Nations, pp. 553 ff. Albright, NV. F., From the Stone Age to Christianity, Anchor Edition, Garden City, …

The Greatest Songs

Article by Peter Paulsen

Paul was a newly minted seminary graduate and not much acquainted with the ways of the world when he arrived at his congregation just in time to conduct the wedding of one of the parish’s leading daughters. He had done well in his Biblical Introduction courses and had exhibited real skill in his worship leadership. …