Chapter 1: The Reconstruction and Interpretation of the Teaching of Jesus  in  Rediscovering the Teaching of Jesus

Book Chapter by Norman Perrin

The author examines the various sources available, and cautions that the more we learn about those sources the more difficult the task seems to become. He suggests that students must do justice to the categories of first-century Judaism in terms of which the teaching was originally expressed, and must always set the teaching of Jesus in the context of the circumstances and situation of his ministry. Finally, he insists we must employ the “form-critical approach” which uses methodology arising out of the nature of the sources rather than being imposed upon them from outside.

Chapter 1: What Manner of Man Is This?  in  Jesus Lord and Christ

Book Chapter by John Knox (current)

An important element in Christianity from the very beginning has been a sense of fellowship with Christ, conceived not merely as a "spiritual" but as an historical person. For all the importance of the resurrection in the church’s rise, the character of Jesus was the deeper element, making the resurrection faith itself possible and making it a faith worth preaching.