A Visit to Jacob’s Well

Article by Jason Byassee

The Westport neighborhood of midtown Kansas City, Missouri, is a mix of avant-garde youth and aging hippies. If bumper stickers are any indication, political views range from the muscular left ("Veterans for Kerry") to the forthrightly left ("Peace is patriotic") to the crudely left ("Dump the son of a Hush?"). The first man I passed …

An Awkward Church

Book by Douglas John Hall

(ENTIRE BOOK) Professor Hall ‘thinks the faith’ from within the North American cultural and ecclesial context. His theological work is not a timeless abstraction, but a rigorous attempt to engage Christian faith with social and historical actuality so that the gospel may be more faithfully proclaimed and lived.

Biker Wedding

Article by Brian Jones

  “The early Christians were not people of standing, but they had a secret power among them, and the secret power resulted from the way in which they were members of one another.” — Elton Trueblood     I’ve performed more wedding ceremonies than I can count, but there is one wedding that I will …

Cash and Character: Talking About Money in the Church

Article by Donald A. Luidens

BOOK REVIEW: The Crisis in the Church: Spiritual Malaise and Fiscal Woe. By Robert Wuthnow. Offord University Press, 291 pp., $30.00. In this his most prophetic book, Robert Wuthnow grieves for the lack of economic and stewardship visions in the contemporaiy church and for its antecedent failure of spirit. He places much of the responsibility …

Chapter 1: The Purpose of the Church and its Ministry  in  The Purpose of the Church and its Ministry

Book Chapter by H. Richard Niebuhr, Daniel Day Williams, & James M. Gustafson

At least in many parts of Christendom the quest for meaning, the revival of historic religious convictions about man’s nature and destiny, about his lostness and his salvation, and the need to realize the significance of these convictions in relation to contemporary world and life views, have led to a renewal of the theological endeavor. The role of the seminary is here weighed in several relationships.

Chapter 2: “The Family Pew” and the Church Today  in  Confronting the Idolatry of Family: A New Vision for the Household of God

Book Chapter by Janet Fishburn

This chapter is about the way “the family pew” ethos affects program planning and leadership roles in congregations. If family loyalty controls the events that matter most in the life of a congregation, the faith commitments of that congregation are misplaced. If love of family is stronger and deeper than love for Jesus Christ, this is family idolatry.