A Ministry to Students

Article by A Symposium

  Ministry to Jewish Students Daniel I. Leifer Rabbi Leifer is director of the B’nai  B’rith Hillel Foundation at the University of Chicago. Though much has changed, much has remained the same since I came to work with Jewish students and faculty at the University of Chicago in 1964. Political activism and the use of …

A Seminary’s Artist in Residence: Cathy Kapikian’s Fabric of Faith

Article by Linda-Marie Delloff

The ambivalence of American Protestantism’s relationship to art has always been pronounced. During the early part of the 19th century, church leaders manifested remnants of Puritan negativism toward art, though sporadically there were significant figures speaking out on behalf of religion’s natural association with the creative impulse: for example, Calvinist Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) , Congregational …

A Southern Baptist Context

Article by E. Glenn Hinson

A large institution such as Southern Baptist Theological Seminary no doubt poses a greater problem for the integration of piety and learning, and that of pastoral care and theology, than a smaller, more intimate setting. For one thing, the whole educational process tends to be more programmatic and structured. Classes are often too large for …

Are Church-Related Colleges Also Christian Colleges?

Article by Richard G. Hutcheson, Jr.

A minister of a mainline Protestant denomination, newly hired as a chaplain of a denominational college, met with a committee of the regional judicatory within whose bounds he would be working. “Tell me,” a committee member asked him, “is this college ‘churchrelated’ or ‘Christian’?” Officials at the college found the question offensive, as would most …

Back to Baccalaureate

Article by Donald G. Shockley

Last spring, after a lapse of some 15 years, a baccalaureate service was held at Cornell University, and almost all 2,000 seats in Bailey Hall were filled. Across the continent in southern California, participation in a similar service at the Claremont Colleges has more than doubled in the past three years. In response to a …

Between Athens And Berlin: The Theological Education Debate

Book by David Kelsey

(ENTIRE BOOK) For Kelsey, “Athens” (based on the Greek paideia , “culturing,” “character formation,”) and “Berlin” (based on the German Wissenschaft, “orderly,” “disciplined critical research,” “professional”) represent two very different — and ultimately irreconcilable — models of excellent education. It is the case de facto, says Kelsey, that modern North American theological education, for historical reasons, is committed to both models, resulting in ongoing tensions and struggles. Kelsey shows how a variety of significant thinkers — Newman, Niebuhr, Farley, Stackhouse, and several others — fit in the Athens-Berlin framework.

Campus Ministry in the Last Decade of the Century

Article by F. Thomas Trotter

It is now forty-two years since I became a campus minister. I was the Protestant Chaplain of Boston University and my title expressed something of the religious ethos of that period. Protestant, Catholic, and Jew still faced each other with a kind of curious tentativeness. Typically of great Protestant institutions, Boston University had more Catholics …