Introduction  in  Globalization and Human Solidarity

Book Chapter by Tissa Balasuriya

Communications and travel make people aware of the harm done to workers, women and children and to the environment — in rich countries as well as poor. This is a new phase in the consciousness raising of people throughout the world. Religions, led by persons of good-will and generosity as they endeavour to work together, can give meaning to the search for solidarity and the safeguarding of the environment.

The Other Davos: Globalization of Resistances and Struggles

Book by Francois Houtart and Francois Polet

(ENTIRE BOOK) "Davos" is the town in Switzerland where the International Economic Forum met annually for almost twenty years to rethink and re-orient the world economy according to the interests of capital. This book is a radical rejoinder to that effort. The authors believe that it is imperative to discover viable alternatives to the unilateral globalization which pretends to link and unite, but actually separates and imprisons. They urge us to construct a new form of globalization, joining forces to build alternatives based on human diversity and creativity.

The Quest for Justice and Peace in the Age of Globalisation

Article by Kamran Mofid

This is an extended and revised version of a key presentation delivered at the 4th Parliament of the World’s Religions, 7-13 July 2004, Barcelona ( Programme: An Inter-faith Perspective on Globalisation for the Common Good, Sunday, July 11, 2004). An earlier version of this paper was presented as a keynote speech at” Iran and Globalisation …

The Symbiosis Between Poverty and Globalization: A Need for a Critique from Political Ethics

Article by I. John Mohan Razu

  INTRODUCTION The historic Millennial Summit of the United Nations held during the first week of September with the hundred and fifty-odd world leaders assembled at New York adopted a wide-ranging declaration on some of the most impending problems that the global community face today. The central challenge, the Summit deliberated, was in ensuring that …