Chapter 1: A Few Figures From the U.N., by François Houtart  in  The Other Davos: Globalization of Resistances and Struggles

Book Chapter by Francois Houtart and Francois Polet

The main function of economy is to contribute to the blossoming of all the people by ensuring material well-being and dignity. It is the reason why we consider it necessary to question the contemporary capitalist system. Never has humanity disposed of so many resources and technical means for resolving the problems of survival and well being.

Chapter 1: A Strategy for the New Times, by Christophe Aguiton  in  The Other Davos: Globalization of Resistances and Struggles

Book Chapter by Francois Houtart and Francois Polet

Over nearly 20 years, neo-liberalism has continued to score points, but now the wind is changing, and it is our responsibility to make this change as visible as possible and to make it the focal point of a counter-offensive. The counter-offensive must be developed on practical and concrete issues, and also on the larger field of social alternatives to the disaster of neo-conservative counter-reforms.

Chapter 1: Globalization Threatens Humanism, by V. R. Krishna Iyer  in  Globalization and Its Impact on Human Rights

Book Chapter by George Mathews Chunakara (ed.)

Humankind is in the ghastly grip of soulless forces, moneyocracies incorporated, and cannibalistic philosophies which validate satanic values and apotheosize social anathemas like violence, vulgarity and intoxicated hedonism. A new debate must begin on human rights-oriented economic policies where every person and his dignity matters.

Chapter 1: Phenomenon of Globalization: A Holistic Approach  in  Globalization and Human Solidarity

Book Chapter by Tissa Balasuriya

The overall impact of globalization is to incorporate all the peoples of the world into one single world unit for production, consumption, trade and investment, information flow and culture. The processes of globalization is technological, economic, political, socio-cultural and religious — all linked together. It is the visible force and migration laws of the superpowers that keep the land-hungry people away from the empty spaces of the world which were occupied in the days of colonial expansion.