After a Child Dies

Article by Harold K. Bush, Jr.

When my wife and I see news reports about the deaths of young people, as we did after the grisly slaughter at Virginia Tech last April, we inevitably think back to June 1999, when we lost our son, Daniel. He was a healthy, jovial and playful boy, and his sudden, unexpected death was devastating. Because …

Annotated Bibliography  in  Growth Counseling for Mid-Years Couples

Book Chapter by Howard J. Clinebell, Jr.

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Annotated Bibliography  in  Growth Counseling for Marriage Enrichment

Book Chapter by Howard J. Clinebell, Jr.

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Care of Souls in the Classic Tradition

Book by Thomas C. Oden

(ENTIRE BOOK) Prof. Oden offers a critique of contemporary pastoral counseling that notes the advantages of modern clinical psychotherapy while pointing out its limitations for pastoral counseling which he asserts has all but ignored the classical Christian pastoral tradition exemplified in the work of Gregory of Nazianzus.