A New Kind of Church?

Article by Scott Bader-Saye

Last spring the Nashville Convention Center played host to both the National Pastors Convention and the Emergent Convention. While the former was largely geared toward evangelical baby boomers, the latter catered to Gen X and Millennial evangelicals (and "postevangelicals") who are trying to come to grips with postmodernity. Though the two conventions intentionally overlapped, that …

Chapter 1: Disease and Diagnosis  in  The Gospel and Our World

Book Chapter by Georgia Harkness

What are the diseases that infect our churches? Inadequate numbers, unhealthy divisions, meager financial support, unprophetic leadership, lethargic congregations — but at the root of them all lies the fact that the very thing for which the Church exists — the proclamation of the gospel — is being in our time so feebly done.

Chapter 1: The Thick Gathering  in  Congregation: Stories and Structures

Book Chapter by James F. Hopewell

A congregation, undeniably Christian, nevertheless uses forms and stories common to a larger world treasury to create its own local religion of outlooks, action patterns, and values. I have begun to see how astonishingly thick and meaning-laden is the actual life of a single local church. Ministry in even a small church occurs in a much more abundant world of signals and images than I and, I suspect, many others had assumed.