The Humiliation of the Word

Book by Jacques Ellul

(ENTIRE BOOK) We are addicted to images, a wholesale abuse of language, a dangerous addiction to surface trivia, a fixation on the unimportant, an obsession with the insignificant. Ellul’s solution is to discover a “new language.” It is the only way understanding can begin to flow again, so that we can communicate the gospel in such a way that it “penetrates.”

The Pseudo-Content of the Processed Image

Article by John M. Phelan

With the rapid march of digitization, fiber-optics and satellite distribution systems, all media are becoming electronic. Because of its early history of identification with voice and picture formats, the broadcast style of electronics, particularly television, with its concern for telling images, will enlarge its domination of all communication content, whatever the physical means of distribution. …

The Sacrament of Civilization: The Groundwork of a Philosophy of Technology for Theology

Article by Andrew Tatusko

The technologies we create and the cultures in which they are embedded are strikingly similar. The Western expansion and frontier mentality finds its expression in the constable where large caravans of families would move together to find a new home in new land. The clock which arose out of monasteries fit in perfectly with regimented …

Video Ventures: Two Alternatives to ‘Alpha’

Article by Debra Bendis and Jason Byassee

Since Alpha appeared in 2001 in Great Britain, several efforts have been made to create alternative versions of that popular evangelistic video series. Though approaches differ, the new versions are generally inspired by Alpha’s success in helping seekers to learn about the Christian faith, and in helping churches to offer a compelling overview of the …