Chapter 2: Idols and the Word  in  The Humiliation of the Word

Book Chapter by Jacques Ellul

The text that encloses the truth of the Word of God is never so exact that it only bears repeating. This text invites me to retell the myth, and the recreated myth calls me to listen to the ultimate, absolute Word. The Word obliges me to speak implying that the text should never be fixed, reduced to structures, enclosed within itself, or understood as if it were an exact and precise mathematical formula. No valid semiotic diagram exists that can exhaust the text that is a metaphor for the Word of God. Such a text must be spoken rather than dissected.

Chapter 4: Religious Programs and Television Culture  in  Religious Television: The American Experience

Book Chapter by Peter Horsfield

Television’s social functions. TV has exerted a strong censoring effect on the portrayal of religion. The author considers the dangers of TV’s tendencies toward over simplification, instant gratification, and sensationalism, and concludes that when religious buys into the TV culture, it runs the risk of distorting not only life, but also religious faith.

Chapter 5: The Struggle within the Churches  in  Religious Television: The American Experience

Book Chapter by Peter Horsfield

The author examines the debate in the church over the growth of paid-time religious programs which has centered on several major issues, including the nature of the church, its mission, evangelism, pastoral care and counseling, and the social and political impact, and also the communication aspects: one way versus interactive communication. He concludes with some theological perspectives on the issues.