Going Catholic

Article by Jason Byassee

When I ran into a friend from divinity school recently, we asked each other the normal catch-up questions. Then, in the same casual tone, she said, "So are you going to become Catholic?" It’s not that odd a question these days in theological circles. Last year a string of theologians left their Protestant denominations for …

Grace in Freedom

Book by Karl Rahner

(ENTIRE BOOK) A collection of Professor Rahner’s speeches and radio talks, dealing with the relationship between grace and freedom as understood in the Catholic Church. Chapters include the Catholic’s responsibility after Vatican II, the nature of the Christian faith, ecumenical perspectives, the church and personal freedom, the nature of “God,” and the nature of freedom and morality.

Helping Omega Make Its Point: The Pitfalls and Promise of Understanding Catholics

Article by James T. Baker

I am now learning what I suppose ecumenical pioneers have known for decades — that religious integration is both the simplest and the most complicated of human endeavors: simple in design, complicated in detail. This is true of all kinds of integration – racial, social, sexual, but most of all religious. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, …


Book by Karl Rahner

(ENTIRE BOOK) A famous Catholic theologian deals with the position of Catholic theology in regard to hominisation, the theory of man’s evolutionary origins.

Imperial Claims?

Article by Kilian McDonnell

The protestant responses to the “Declaration on the Unicity and Salvific Universality of Jesus Christ and the Church” recently issued by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s Office for the Doctrine of the Faith (ODF) have been mostly pained surprise, sometimes anger. Leaders in other world religions had a similar reaction. Even Catholics were taken aback by what …